In November of 2021, Gotham reopened with new owners for the first time since 1984. After closing for 18 months during the pandemic, Gotham came back with an updated name—trading “Bar and Grill” for “Restaurant”— a redesigned interior by its original architect James Biber, and a new menu with longtime former pastry chef Ron Paprocki in the role of executive chef.

Historically decorated with an unprecedented six three-star New York Times reviews, Gotham’s new owners—former Managing Partner Bret Csencsitz and environmentalist Kevin Conrad—sought to honor this legacy while ushering Gotham into a greener, more mindful era. Filling the restaurant with books, music, and art to complement its world-class dining, Csencsitz’s stated goal is to make Gotham “the most meaningful restaurant in New York.” Arts and dining programming, from evening jazz to exclusive wine dinners, make Gotham a vibrant, ever-evolving destination like the city it calls home.

Over the years a host of iconic chefs have cut their teeth in Gotham kitchen. With Gotham’s four decades of culinary history behind him, Paprocki has captured the spirit of Gotham’s approachable yet unforgettable cuisine while introducing his own vision for the menu. The goal to provide unpretentious service in an environment that inspires you and your conversation remains the same today as in 1984.

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